Artist Proofs Only

Prints outside the standard edition which are intended for the artistís private collection and used as part of the original artist-publisher agreement are called Artists Proofs. More commonly they are the first run of an edition which is proofed by the artist to insure that the edition will properly represent images and colors as intended. The notation that this image is an Artist Proof is penciled in at the bottom of a print as A/P, along with the title and the artistís signature. The number of Artists Proofs offered  will vary among artists but this artist usually limits hers to 50 .

When a Limited Edition has been exhausted, some Artistís Proofs may remain. They are advertised as "Artistís Proofs Only" because the only images available are Artistís Proofs.

Artist's Proofs are available only from the Artist, Betty Biggs. She can be reached at the address and phone number listed below.

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Extended Family

Basket Of Mushrooms

Give Us This Day

African Beauty

Flower Market

Waiting For The Decision

Betty Biggs., 225 Somerset Place

Lompoc, CA  93436, (805) 736-0434

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