Limited Editions I

An artist may decide to make copies of an original in order to make the image available to collectors and others. The artist has many options available to him/her. She can limit the number of images produced or reproduce an unlimited number of images. If the number of images (edition) is limited, the images are called Limited Editions.  The number of impressions (prints) should be information that is available to the consumer. - At the bottom of each print of a limited edition, the artist pencils in his/her signature and numbers the print. The numbering appears as one number over another, for example, 15/300. This indicates that this was the 15th print signed and that there were 300 prints in all. 

The term "edition" refers to the total number of prints made of a specific image.

A certificate of authenticity is issued for each limited edition and artist's proof, signed by the artist, certifying the edition number.

Artist's Proofs of these images are available only from the Artist, Betty Biggs.

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Where Pride Begins

Mother's Day Wish

Beauty Is Shy Deep

Senegalese Dancer

Eternal Friendship

Matter Of Choices

Fruit Vendor

Legacy II

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